Mindset Coaching

A journey of the mind.

At our mindset coaching sessions, I invite you to explore the untapped power of your subconscious mind and harness the art of reprogramming for lasting change.

With over 4 years of experience in guiding meditations, facilitating breathwork sessions, and practicing Reiki, I bring a holistic approach to helping you master your mindset.

My coaching philosophy revolves around delving into the depths of your subconscious, where the seeds of transformation lie. By understanding and reshaping these underlying beliefs and thought patterns, we pave the way for profound personal growth and success!

But it doesn't stop there – my coaching extends beyond traditional methods. I'm passionate about expanding consciousness, offering insights into diverse perceptions, and fostering a deeper connection to spirituality. Through these explorations, we uncover new dimensions of understanding that can reshape your life's journey.

Power Hour

person using laptop computer
person using laptop computer

In this session you will experience the magic of a mixture of sounds and reiki. Reiki is a method of healing utilizing the hands. When we are open, the possibilities are endless

Time: 2 hours (between arrival/departure time)

Location: My Home Studio in North Bay Village, FL.

Package of 2: $300

Package of 3: $450


Open up & Surrender

In our sessions, I am dedicated to getting to know you on a profound level. Your zodiac sign and human design are not just cosmic symbols; they're keys to unlocking your unique potential. By delving into these aspects, I gain insights that guide our coaching toward tailored techniques that resonate with your individuality.


The both of you will experience a mixture of sound healing, breathwork, kundalini yoga and some reiki (not a full session when it's a pair). Depending on why the reason you have come to me; I always create a moment for the both of you to celebrate each other in this healing space

Time: Time: 2 hours (between arrival/departure time)

Locations: My home studio in North Bay Village, FL.



What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a therapeutic practice that uses vibrations and frequencies from various instruments, like singing bowls, drums, and chimes, to promote relaxation, emotional release, and well-being. These sounds are believed to resonate with the body and mind, helping to restore balance and harmony within.


Your next mothers blessing - honoring the mama to be and the life she's had before mother hood and blessing her and the baby on this journey.

Showing love for the bride to be, honoring her with stories and so much laughter from her single life and blessing her into her next phase.

Birthday Ceremonies, honoring the years that have created this beautiful person and sharing this precious gift with all of your family and friends, in the most conscious way to celebrate.

Price: $777 for 6 people, $50 per person until the 10th, then $25 per person after the 10th.


Align with me below ;)

Estefania is a gift from Heaven. Her angelic presence was shining brightly throughout the session. I felt lighter and calmer. Combining sound amplified the total experience.

- Annie

I have done the full moon sound healing sessions couple of times with Estefania and the energy is always peaceful and recharging . I did my first solo reiki session about two weeks ago, it was amazing exactly what I needed. During the session I felt comfortable and safe. Days after the session I still felt energized and centered. I’m grateful for her to share her knowledge and energy with me. Def booking another Reiki session soon. Thank you. I love you

- Idalba Davila

I have sat with Estafania a few times during her outdoor group Sound healing sessions. This was my first time sitting one on one with her for this unique Reki / Sound Healing experience . I say Unique as you can feel during the session that she has put allot of thought and energy into creating this experience which is very much her own. Her beautiful energy, intuition, simplicity and passion for what she does mixed in with a dash of her charming goofiness allowed for me to come into her space and fully surrender into a truly amazing experience. I felt at home and at peace throughout my session. I went home with a happy grateful heart, lots of energy and a desire to laugh as if no one is watching.…Thank you Steph for an amazing session, a great conversation and for your light. I appreciate You!

- Eric

Estefania’s energy is incredible! I felt myself lean fully towards love and it was so easy to be open and vulnerable in her presence.

- Mischa

Here's what my clients have said...

Healing with Estefania has been one of the best decision I ever have taken. I started working with her a little over two years ago and wow, the transformation in all aspects of my life has been truly so beautiful, I feel so grateful everyday for this practice. Estefania has truly such a wonderful gift, from the moment I walk in, to the days, weeks, months after, I feel so light, held, rejuvenated, closer to myself, and overall so relaxed. Thank you thank you thank you Stef

- Gabrielle

"This is my 8th reiki session with Estefania and it has been beautiful and life changing every time. She always tunes into your needs and emotions and heals/works on the areas that need the most light and attention. She takes her time and really puts a lot of love, light and energy into this practice. From start to finish it is a beautiful intentional process and you will always leave feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and renewed. I have enjoyed every single one of my sessions and am beyond grateful for her amazing soul and energy to constantly guide me. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. I will be back for more sessions in the future"

- Christina Ricci

"My first Reiki session. It was one of a kind experience with Estefania. I didn’t know what to expect, but it definitely surpassed anything I thought I would experience. She is thorough and delicate. From cleansing my energy, talking, meditating, aligning our chakras, to the whole reiki session with all types of instruments. It really transforms you. Thank you immensely for the space you held for me and for being so nurturing and caring through the process."

- Karen

"to finish she performed a sound bath that allowed me to sink deeper into this profound feeling of relaxation and peace after the reiki session. it’s difficult to put into words how significant the difference was before and after everything, since it was evident my body and mind and transcended into a different plane of existence after being cleansed so deeply. it’s something only a woman with as much grounded power as she could ever perform ~ moreover on a body and mind such and mine that feels and experiences massive such emotions. i am a being that feels and lives life in such a saturated state… i’m not someone who puts their trust in others easily, and with energetic work my discernment is even more profound. but i know i will be coming to her again and again to have her help me in my process of alignment when my body needs the extra help. estefania, thank you so much for your magick."

- Iza

"The magic touch does not begin to describe Estefania’s incredible services, she has a way of bringing in God’s light and expanding it within you. She has literally brought back the gift of remembrance, not once or twice, but every time she enters the realm of higher self. Forever grateful for Estefania’s divine guidance"

- Gley

"Estefanias Reiki has truly changed every fiber of my being. This healing is something I never knew was possible. I have always struggled with a ton of childhood trauma and after our first reiki session I woke up feeling like all the pain and weight I was bearing was completely gone. I immediately started crying because that feeling was so foreign to me and I was so grateful. Reiki with Stef has taught me so many valuable lessons. The most important one being, that healing is not linear but with a guide and willingness, every obstacle big or small, is just temporary and I have every tool to get past it. I am forever grateful for Stef and her healings."

- Christine Meier