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When we work our vibration we help our energy to come back into alignment; from our hearts, minds, body's to our soul's...

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meet estefania.

Estefanía's remarkable life journey has shaped her into the person she is today. From relocating over 30 times, to immersing herself in the practices of Kundalini yoga and meditation, to embarking on a six-month backpacking adventure in Mexico where she engaged with indigenous communities—her experiences have been both extraordinary and transformative...

An expansive virtual collective for the divine feminine that are here to empower, grow and glow together <3


you can't fake a vibe.

We are vibrational being's living in a vibrational Universe. You cannot fake or replicate an energy that doesn't resonate with your own. In order to truly change you must work on your vibrational field to become a magnet for what you deserve.

- Estefania Andrea Tarre

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