our safe space.

A community of WOMBËN constantly re-aligning with their highest version.

what to expect.

+ Mindful Mondaze +

Monday evenings (7pm EST) Estefania (or a special guest) will guide a Group Meditation, Breathwork, Reiki or Kundalini Yoga Session

+ Full WOMB-MOON +

Monthly Full Moon gatherings; these virtual ceremonies will help us to let go and help bring in what we are ready for

+ Quarterly Challenges +

This is a beautiful incentive to keep re-aligning and working on your vibrations as a collective (see below)!

+ Mini Coarses +

You will get to experiences all sorts of beautiful coarse's from Byron Katie Workshops to deeper "innerstandings" on a variety of expansive topics!

this is for you if...

You feel like you need help sometimes staying consistent on your path

you're seeking sisterhood and soulful connections

you're ready to shine your light and embrace your full potential

you're navigating life transitions and seeking support

you're ready to deepen your connection to yourself and others

you're drawn to the wisdom of the divine feminine

quarterly challenges.